How Are Precision Ground Bars Made? Insights from a Precision Ground Bar Supplier in Atlanta, Georgia

Precision ground bar supplier in Atlanta Georgia

Precision ground bars are made with a high-quality metal, and with a high degree of precision. These bars are also often polished to give them an attractive finish, and to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of imperfections. But how exactly are precision ground bars made? This precision ground bar supplier in Atlanta, Georgia is going to explain below.

The Precision Ground Bar Manufacturing Process

The precision ground bar manufacturing process is a complex one that is performed carefully to create a superior product suitable for the most demanding applications. To start with, it is the process of giving the metal stock a defined tolerance, roundness, straightness and surface finish. The bars can be made from various materials, and  in several shapes and sizes.

After the initial melting of scrap together with alloying elements, if applicable, the ingots are hot rolled into round bars. For bars that will subsequently be precision ground, the surface of the hot rolled bars is rough ground or turned to remove any surface imperfections like scale. Hot rolled bars may also be cold drawn to improve the surface and strength of the material.

The rough ground or cold drawn bar may also be heat treated to alter its mechanical properties, before being centerless ground to precise specification, which gives the product its name. These bars, also called machined bars, are manufactured by precision ground bar suppliers in Atlanta, Georgia. This type of bar is typically a lot stronger than other bars, plus it is highly cost-effective, which helps manufacturers save money in the long run.

During the precision grinding process, the core of the metal bar remains unchanged, which preserves its physical properties, making it suitable for a wide range of subsequent processes.

How Are Precision Ground Bars Used?

Precision ground bars can be employed in various applications — mainly where high precision and accuracy are paramount. Weather measuring devices, lab equipment, motor shafts, and ball bushings are a few of their many uses. Precision ground bars are available in many grades of stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. Most reputable precision ground bar suppliers in Atlanta, Georgia can produce these bars in a wide range of materials to suit your specific applications.

Due to their accuracy in dimensional tolerances and superior surface finish, precision ground bars can help reduce overall manufacturing costs. For these reasons, these are commonly used in the power plant and aerospace sectors. They are also used in several other industries today, including the automotive, energy generation, medical, dental, chemical processing, and electronic device manufacturing industries.

When you work with a reputable precision ground bar supplier in Atlanta, Georgia, you can make sure your precise specifications are met. You can order them in custom  sizes, lengths, material grades, and quantity. If you aren’t exactly sure which material or dimensions you need, your supplier can make suitable suggestions to help you with your project.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right precision ground bars for your project can be a difficult task. As a manufacturer, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the product so you can order the best option for your needs. That is why it’s best to partner with a reliable, knowledgeable, and capable precision ground bar supplier in Atlanta, Georgia who can help you avoid costly mistakes. This will ultimately help you reduce lead time and successfully complete your project.

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