What Is Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel? Insights from a MedicalGrade Metal Supplier in Cleveland, Ohio

Most people do not hear the term “surgical steel” often, but it is standard in the health care industry. Also called medical-grade steel, the material is designed to meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry. Different stainless steel (SS) grades, part of the austenitic and martensitic steel family, are known for their exceptional corrosion resistance properties as well as high formability and durability in the associated applications.

Surgical steel is a breakthrough product in healthcare-oriented practices. This medical grade metal supplier in Cleveland, Ohio is going to discuss some of the key things you should know about the material below.

What Type of Stainless Steel Is “Medical Grade”?
Medical-grade steel is one that must pass the necessary criteria to be called medical grade. The metal must exhibit the following properties to be appropriate for critical applications:

• High resistance to corrosion
• High strength to withstand regular cleansing and sterilization activities
• The ability to withstand chemical exposure

These characteristics make the material suitable for biomedical and surgical operations as well as for any functions necessary in a hospital environment. This type of steel isn’t a different category, but rather a class of stainless steel approved for use in healthcare products. In short, the benefits offered by medical-grade SS cannot be achieved with any other metal or alloy.

Reasons to Use Surgical Steel
Medical-grade stainless steel opens up numerous possibilities for designing improved patient care equipment. The material is easy to clean and disinfect and, in fact, the most hygiene-friendly alloy available for the medical sector. Plus, it performs well in fluctuating temperatures, protecting all equipment from any kind of damage. Finally, the corrosion resistance properties go without saying — this is what makes stainless steel safe and less affected by contamination, chemicals, and other harsh conditions.

Reputable medical grade metal suppliers in Cleveland, Ohio, like Banner Industries, are taking proactive initiatives to provide the most outstanding quality stainless steel suitable for the unique needs of healthcare facilities affordably and efficiently. Here are some of the different grades that are suitable for use in the medical sector:

Type 304
Grade 304 meets the strict design and fabrication requirements necessary for medical applications. It can be formed by your medical grade metal supplier in Cleveland, Ohio in various shapes, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Grade 304 is chemically inert and high performing even with repetitive wear and tear. This grade is similar to Grade 316, with molybdenum content being the main differentiator that makes the latter more corrosion resistant.

Type 316
Grade 316 and 316L are surgical steel types with outstanding machining properties. Due to its low carbon content, 316L stainless steel is even more resistant to corrosion than type 316. These grades also have excellent resistance to pitting. With good ductility, formability, and weldability, types 316 and 316L make for low allergy steels suitable in the medical sector. 316L can be melted in a vacuum furnace to improve micro-cleanliness (typically designated 316LVM or 316LS per ASTM F138). This version is biocompatible and is suitable for use in medical implants.

Type 420
Unlike type 316LVM/316LS, this isn’t an implantable metal yet offers high ductility and excellent corrosion resistance in the annealed and polished state. The metal is magnetic in hardened and annealed conditions and can resist alkalis and mild acids. Thanks to 0.03% sulfur content, the material is good for machining and also has good strength.

Type 440
Type 440 stainless steel, a.k.a. razor blade steel, belongs to the martensitic steel family. The composition consists of high carbon alloyed with chromium, making it appropriate for surgical and dental instruments. The material exhibits good resistance to fresh water, mild acids, alkalis, etc. A medical grade metal supplier in Cleveland, Ohio can also provide a polished surface, which can resist corrosion in the hardened and passivized state.

Looking For a Medical Grade Metal Supplier in Cleveland, Ohio?
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